viernes, 31 de julio de 2015

The first time

My hands full of darkness, tremble
the cold was unbearable
something happened

A maddening silence was heard, one of those that you want to finish
There was a strong smell in the air.
I don’t remember anything.

And I felt good, in the clouds, like if no one could hurt me.
But I knew that something was wrong, and I asked thousand times that nothing bad happened to me.
I shouted to invisibles hand for help, but they were invisibles.

The last thing I saw was a white line
and a burning feeling in my nose,
I got lost…
Another line…
And other…

Laugh, cry, screams, fear … PAIN.

my hands full of darkness, tremble
the cold was unbearable
something just happened… the first time I died.

miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

Girl in the mirror

At bottom of the crystal glass, could only see the petals of a red rose, tired of decorate the same table without never crossing with her thorns the skin of life.I slowly drink the bitter liquid of her tears and i feel like descends by my throat the memories of a sad and lonely little girl, memories that never she hurt again. In a fit of anger, perhaps homesickness, even perhaps sadness... I bite the cup, that  when feeling hurt by my mouth the crosses with sharp pieces, reassures me. I feel happy to see my lips bleed, to feel the pain of those petals, to mourn the same tears of the little girl who went yesterday.

And then the stars are dead, dead my childhood and my sadness. I walk naked by a long path illuminated by the incandescent sun, washed by funny drops of rain, embraced by the strongest blizzard, sentenced by the crudest loneliness, saved by the more beautiful love. Without surrender, without sitting down to rest even once, without thinking about looking to past, without trying go back and expecting nothing. I found a shadow what saves me, that I refuge, what heals me. That shadow has a name that I can’t pronounce, not by be banned, not by being cursed, for fear of losing the opportunity to have it forever.

My blood tastes like peaches, turned my spring in autumn, even after walk so long trail,  my feet do not get tired and my mouth still wound does not heal. The memories i try deleting forgot that intention and torment me night after night as illuminated by the corpses of the stars, dreaming nightmares that eat away my happiness.

I want to buy verses of love and know that it feels to be loved. That my soul to be the pen and my being to be the ink. And the angry moon shines in the sky, not only at night  but in the morning and evening, but i don't want to miss the sunset, much less the dawn, a cold sun newly got up and caresses of the breeze on my skin to make me forget how much grief, how much sorrow, make me believe I can fly. That i can uproot a bright star in the sky, put it under my pillow and hug it when i caught me the fear.

I keep walking, spewing words that some call it poems, leaving traces of blood that sometimes masquerade as art. For a few hours i watch the sky looks blue from a distance, passing birds, insects, clouds and fantasies, I cannot admire it as some, my eyes are blind, the only thing to see is the little girl in the mirror, a happy little girl, in love with love, playful, intelligent, graceful, noble, sincere ... opposite the monster that the observed, silhouette of someone to reflects it's me, a perishable soul on earth, a dream, a lie ... the rose in the cup, the little girl in the mirror.

domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

Murderous doll

In the time of the lies
I only have a simple wish
By her bloody tears
Swear you will not leave me